• Texzam is one of the professional apparel sourcing center in Bangladesh, Mr. Maruf Ahmed is the CEO and Managing Director who has 21 years of working experience in Bangladesh garment industries (start from factory merchandising to the Head of foreign sourcing company). He met many buyers from Europe, US and Canada, Australia and South America most of them always expressed their dissatisfaction about Bangladesh due to various sourcing problems.

The most of the common difficulties are to import items out from Bangladesh are –

  • Late shipment
  • Poor communication
  • High price
  • Long lead-time
  • Lack of information
  • Poor quality
  • Unprofessional service
  • Lack Understanding for Social and Ethical standards for factory.

Having 21 years of his past experience in this trade he has built up the relationships and joint ventures with key vendors who are the pioneer in this industry. He was fully aware of what was needed to achieve our mission, especially the need for a technically sound expert team who would form the backbone of our operations.

Currently TEXZAM caters various customers across Europe, Canada, UK and Brazil from retailers to importers with good success.