TEXZAM Team Overview and Strength

Our’s Advanced Design and Trending team conducts ongoing trend research for development of fabric design and constructions, colors and finishes.

Rapidiously drive interactive e-tailers with ubiquitous channels. Interactively harness process-centric channels for client-focused scenarios. Monotonectally build reliable e-markets through reliable platforms. Continually plagiarize empowered imperatives through empowered infrastructures.

TEXZAM Team Overview and Strength

TEXZAM prides itself on its highly experienced, motivated and 23 dedicated staffs under direct supervision of CEO and from Director to merchandising, quality & production, sourcing and operation, finance and logistic work as an unique team to satisfy customer requirements who are responsible for specific task.

TEXZAM  operates its merchandising , production,  finance & shipping thru modern ERP software so all operation are controlled and follow up by under one platform.


TEXZAM is able to source and manufacture quality garment at a competitive price and in a timely manner due to a unique combination of strengths – form its expertise and positioning, to its vertical set up, process control and check at every stage of development, production and shipping. Each order is monitored under a comprehensive time and action plan controlled by ERP software so our team can update the order condition to customers by pressing of few buttons.

We have individual team who is responsible to follow up with their frame works which help to offer –

  • Understanding the need of the customer
  • Multi product range with options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Monitoring quality by experienced QA team
  • Quick sample turnaround
  • Extensive product and technical knowledge
  • Monitor T&A plan by ERP software
  • Flexibility to work in various payment terms
  • We grow steadily but always in control
  • We work as a partners not postboxes