Hamley spoke about: (i) the ban on Round Up in Argentina as a result of birth defects and other medical issues; (ii) the collapse of bee colonies, and the dangers of insecticides associated with bees collecting nectar and pollen from GM crops; and (iii) medical issues such as infertility and immune diseases, as well as accelerated aging in association with GM crops. In conclusion, Ms. Hamley stated her opinion that regulation should not allow a corporation to get a patent and take control of the food supply..

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It’s always best to choose whole, homemade foods over processed junk. Don’t stop at just purchasing fresh produce, though. Wash it right after you get home and cut it into bite sized pieces so you can snack on it or cook with it later. Congratulations to South Africa for an excellent All round performance. The hopes of 22 million Sri Lankans who follows the game as a religion were dashed by the most unprofessional batting performance by a team who were expected to perform at peak level. What a disappointment losing the last 5 wickets for a mere 20 runs in addition to in form batsmen throwing their wickets foolishly.