Texzam International Ltd.

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Our services

We are flexible but confident in the business ground.

Giving customer priority is the key strength to Texzam. We always try to serve our clients the best possible solution which are provided in the market place.  

What we serve

All Facilities Under One Roof

Supply Chain


We maintain professional and well known supply chain from where we source raw materials and which meets and ensure customer expected product.

Time & Action


A Proper Time and Action plan is key element to success for any manufacturing sector. We believe focusing critical path ensures customer get the product in store on time.

Social and Ethical


All the factories are practicing  both Local & Intonational  Social and Ethical compliances. SEDEX, BSCI, WRAP, RSC, ILO etc.

Production and Quality


To obtain expected product it is necessary to ensure the process control during each production process. 

Testing and Inspection


To Detect of defects and nonconformance in early stage we provide testing and inspection in manufacturing process so that time and money are not wasted later on in either correcting the defect or writing off defective garment.

Flaxible Payment Terms


Financing plays a key role of any business and we provide flexible and multiple payment terms to our clients. Besides various LC, we also accept Sales Contracts, TT , Trade financing by using factoring facilities etc.